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Effective Toilet Training Process



Let's Talk Toilet Training!

I frequently get asked "when is the best time to start toilet training my child?" & "how do I support my child who uses non-verbal forms of communication?"

The short answer is start anytime from age 2 onwards or sooner if you are feeling brave! & it is NEVER too late! But the longer answer would be start as soon as you feel confident to be able to stay calm & co-regulate your child's needs, have all the resources ready to be consistent until you succeed & don't rush success or feel pressured to jump steps along the way to achieve an unreasonable, often unrealistic man-made milestone age bracket!

I approach Toilet Training the same way that I approach all behaviour & communication support with lots of monitoring, analysis & buckets or patience! I have successfully toilet trained classes of 9 SEN nursery kids for many years while teaching full-time & with my experience have devised a process & broken down progress into 8 stages of Toilet Training & monitoring forms.

With school holidays starting again soon why not take this valuable time with your child to try again to hopefully add slow & steady progress to the process.

Below I have given you a copy of my Toilet Training stages & a copy of my monitor form or feel free to download these from my website under 'Free Resources.' or contact me if you want a 1-1 consultation to help you feel empowered.

Good Luck & Keep your sense of humour intact as you will need it!

Love from Jude

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Download - 8 stages of Toilet Training

Download Toilet Monitoring Form


"Show me what you mean, don't just tell me!"

Visual communication is crucial for all little learners to help give them a voice, learn to understand what we are saying to them & help them learn to predict what will happen each day to reduce anxiety around transitions.

I totally understand holidays can be especially confusing for many little learners with special needs & stressful for parents to establish new routines, so to help you transition them through holidays & home activities, here are jpegs to print, laminate & velcro your own home visual timetable yourself.

I made these using the amazing Widgit software, so if you are using these for your own or school use please ensure you maintain all the normal Widgit copyrights.

If you would like these files as a PDF to print at home simply press the download button below.


Alternatively if you would like me to create a personal visual resource to problem solve a specific visual communication need, simply contact me via email to arrange a consultation to problem solve & discuss admin & raw material costs for making you a Personal Visual Communication Resource.

Good Luck with making your home visuals for your little learners.  Jude xx

(All copyrights to Widgit Software & No profit is ever being made from providing this free support.

All symbol images copyrights always remain the property of widgit software)

holiday visual pecs timetables-4.jpg
holiday visual pecs timetables-5.jpg

Personalised Planning & Resources

Available to Download FREE

As a gesture of goodwill at this stressful unprecedented time, I have provided you with 17 FREE activities to spread out over 4 weeks to support parents and teachers with Sensory & Messy Play Activities to empower children with Special Educational Needs  (SEN) during school closures March 2020 & January 2021 due to Covid-19 Worldwide Pandemic.
This is a multisensory practical alternative learning approach to online learning or printable worksheets & it is ideal for Preschool, Early Years & SEN children (Age 2-10 yrs) who need to learn through practical multi-sensory play activities to fully access their learning & regulate their sensory systems during this unprecedented time of school closures.

Dear parent/guardian or Teacher,

Not every child can learn through worksheets and online learning so, therefore, to empower parents/guardians to feel confident to model & encourage learning through play for a range of ages & abilities (Age 2-10 yrs), I have provided some initial basic training on our 8 senses & sensory vs messy play, as well as 17 sensory play activities with a choice of learning objectives for each activity. To fundamentally try to ensure the safety of those children who learn & self-regulate through their heightened oral motor proprioceptive sense & through chewing, tasting or mouthing toys & non-food items, I have taken a great deal of care to try to provide safe activities that will not be hazardous if accidentally eaten, so parents can simply relax during the play activities & enjoy making positive memories together.

It would be lovely if you could share some photos of your fun play experiences so we can all share in the positive experiences together in our empowering little minds community.

Feel free to share & download as many as you want, but I would be grateful if you could follow normal copyright laws. Please be mindful that I am a self-employed Independent Education Consultant & simply just wanted to try to reduce some of your stress of educating from home by empowering you with some of my services, training & expertise I would normally have to charge for.

GOOD LUCK & have fun! Thanks for your support. Please be kind to yourselves as you settle into your parent/teacher role baptism of fire and don't put too many demands on yourselves or your kids as you transition into your new routines. By simply doing multiple sensory movement & music activities throughout each day this will help with self regulation of the sensory system, as well as 1 main sensory play activity or shorter repeated exposure bursts, free play, story time & down time will really help you all create positive memories together. Contact me anytime if you have any questions, you need visual schedule supports or behaviour support. Kind Regards Judith Riddell xx (16th March 2020)


Week 1-2

Just Click each picture to reveal FREE Download link 

Copyright & All Rights Reserved - For personal use only.

I have provided you some basic background training about:

- Our 8 senses basic overview training 

- Defining the difference between sensory vs messy play activities.

- Makaton signed video of 'The Rainbow' song


And I have also provided - 17 Sensory or Messy Play Activities 

NB: Older siblings often enjoy to model the play activities for younger SEN siblings & often gain as much exploratory STEM learning from the free play.

-I have given you choices of learning objectives for each activity as a focus for the activities but you could also apply more academic objectives from your child's IEP instead.   

Week 3-4

Just Click each picture to reveal FREE Download link 

Copyright & All Rights Reserved - For personal use only.

be a rainbow everyday.png


Personalised Planning Weeks


If you have any specific questions or individual needs for your family or school feel free to email me or message me on my Facebook.

If anyone would like to order individual planning for your child, family or any planning  to support your school, please contact me & I would be more than happy to provide a quote for this extra personal, empowering & time saving service. 


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